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The IsoLynx Real-Time Location System (RTLS) athlete tracking system uses a network of wireless player tags to capture live in-game data including speed, acceleration, distance traveled, and hundreds of other custom data points. Use IsoLynx data streams to make split-second personnel decisions. The field changes in real-time—now your gameplan can too.

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A Wireless Player Tracking System That Runs While You Do

Track Every Inch Traveled

IsoLynx football shoulder pad tracking tags

Battery-powered tracking tags are attached inside the pads or jerseys. They transmit location data up to 40x per second for stunning accuracy.

Connect Your Whole Venue

Stanford football stadium IsoLynx demo

Wireless smart nodes placed around the field capture real-time player data for advanced stats and analysis. No wires or complicated installs.

Discover Insights in Real-Time

IsoLynx real-time football tracking software

The live stream of data, stats, and video helps you make split-second personnel and gameplay decisions. Use data to inform your instincts.

Collect a New Kind of Player Stats

Stanford football stadium IsoLynx demo

IsoLynx helps you go beyond yards and tackles. Build a rich dataset on all your athletes during every play. Capture the story behind the film.

Build A Sports Data & Tracking System That Works For You.

Start tracking every step taken at your practices and games. Create customizeable player benchmarks and monitor how your athletes perform over time. Advanced player stats like speed, distance traveled, acceleration, real-time location data help you make informed personnel decisions.

See the Player Tracking Features

Advanced RTLS Athlete Tracking & Sports Data

Go Wired or Wireless

Field-mounted smart nodes can be installed wirelessly for easy setup. Or use a wired infrastructure to increase tracking bandwidth from 1,600 to 5,000 locates per second.

Player Paths & Maps

Track one or all of your athletes using the powerful IsoLynx player maps. Capture and review player movement with accuracy to ± 6 inches and review it from your tablet.

Sophisticated Data

IsoLynx supports multiple robotic tracking cameras. Assign the camera to any athlete and capture their every move. Follow one player or switch between key positions.

Long Battery Life

The battery-powered player tags consume very little power and the batteries will run for days a single charge. Power them down after use and recharge quickly with the USB charging dock.

Rugged Design

The tracking tags inside the shoulder pads are designed to take a beating. The strong plastic body and compact design keep the tags hidden and protected.

Robotic Cameras

IsoLynx supports multiple robotic tracking cameras. Assign the camera to any athlete and capture their every move. Follow one player or switch between key positions.

Broadcast Integration

IsoLynx player data can be used for more than just game analysis. Use the IsoLynx API to visualize real-time data for film breakdowns or live TV and web broadcasts.

Mobile Friendly Apps

Watch, control, and manipulate live data on any Windows or Android device. Give your coaches on both sides of the ball access to the data they need to make smart decisions.

IsoLynx Wireless Sports Tracking Technology

Athlete Tracking Tags

IsoLynx sports player tracking tags
  • Live location data accutate to ± 6 inches
  • Small, sturdy, & waterproof design
  • Battery-powered and rechargeable via USB
  • Proven in various team and contact sports

Wireless Smart Nodes

IsoLynx player tracking node IsoLynx player tracking node
  • Wirelessly capture & relay live position data
  • 8+ nodes surround field for full coverage
  • Tripod-mounted for quick & portable setup
  • Supports up to 1,600 locates per second

Real-Time Data Hub

Isolynx real-time sports data hub
  • Processes on-field location data in real-time
  • Rack design fits with existing infrastructure
  • Captures thousands of locates per second
  • Integrates with 3rd party broadcast systems

Robotic Cameras

Isolynx robotic sports tracking camera
  • System controls up to 128 robotic cameras
  • User-configurable to switch between players
  • Record any tagged athletes or objects-of-interest
  • Create personalized game & practice film

Live Analysis Software

WOTF Isolynx player tracking and analysis software
  • Interface combines tracking, data, stats & video
  • Track location, speed, acceleration, distance, etc
  • Dynamic rosters, play recognition, video tracking
  • API allows for cross-platform integration

Ultra-Wideband Network

WOTF Isolynx player tracking and analysis software
  • FCC-approved Ultra-Wideband infrastructure
  • Indoor or outdoor tracking capabilities
  • Wireless setup supports up 1,600 locates/second
  • Wired setup supports up to 5,000 locates/second

Wireless, Wired or Hybrid Stadium Installs

Video Demos: Athlete Tracking For High-Speed Contact & Team Sports

Football Player Tracking

real time football player tracking

Hockey & Puck Tracking

ice hockey and puck tracking

Horse & Greyhound Tracking

live horse racing and greyhound tracking

Basketball Player Tracking

basketball player tracking

Track/Running Tracking

running and marathon tracking

Custom Sports Applications

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